Hiring gurus

I see a lot of posts on job boards asking for “gurus”, ninjas” or whatever. That is ridiculous at best, dangerous at worst.

Ridiculous, because you won’t find gurus on job boards. The real stars will not look for a job on these websites. They stay in companies that know their value and pay them well. Or they are directly contacted with offers tailored to them. They don’t need job boards.

That is also dangerous, because you will gather good or average developers with a very high idea of themselves. They think of themselves as awesome developers, so why would they learn anything? For your teams, you need team players, humble people, able to recognize their errors, and able to learn. You don’t need a lonesome cowboy.

Even worse, you will refuse future gurus because they’re not good enough right now. Some developers have a lot of potential, and can bloom in the right environment. Think of it: a developer cheaper than others who will deliver more than others in a year! You will also refuse useful people: an bad developer with a knack for debugging, a bad developer with a lot of knowledge about low level problems, a bad developer who will boost your team’s productivity, just because he’s good with people…

These job posts reinforce the cargo cult of the awesome geek wrangling tons of awesome code without sleep and with a lot of coffee. Enough with that! We geeks are not produced in chain, with A, B, or C quality level. We are real people, with unique qualities or defects, and you will miss out on awesome people while you wait for your prince charming.


One thought on “Hiring gurus

  1. You’re right even if the current trend is to look for the above mentionned “Net Guru”, “web wizzards” and other Ninja coders… I think it shows how much HR and recruiters know little about what they’re looking for 😉

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