Current state of security in VLC on Windows

A recent report from Secunia states that popular Windows applications don't use the DEP and ASLR protections. It is true for VLC up to 1.0: the latest version at the moment, 1.1, supports permanent DEP mode, and ASLR on all of its DLLs.

I hate installers

And I'm pretty sure a lot of people will agree with me. They're an usability nightmare. They still look the same since Windows 95 (I think it's even older than that, but thankfully, I'm too young to have known previous versions). The *click next* *click next* *click next* *click Finish* ugly grey thing is driving me crazy.

5 reasons to wait for VLC 1.1

The next VLC media player release is drawing near (it will be ready when it will be ready), and it comes with a lot of new features and bugfixing:

People based motivator

For this new year, I have no resolutions. Well, I have the usual "do a little workout", "don't get up so late", but I don't really have faith in these. Instead, I have a list of projects on which I'm working or I'm wanting to work. And I often have difficulties motivating myself.

My solution is: if you're interested in any of these ideas, come and poke me regularly, to remind me that I have to finish that project :)