VLC For Win8: building the new compatibility layer

As you can see, we are doing a KickStarter for the Windows 8 (WinRT) port of VLC media player. The goal is to take our existing code, which already works on Windows 8's "desktop mode", and make it run on WinRT, the "Metro" interface.

Testing Android push without a server

Adding push support to an Android app is quite easy, but it can be cumbersome to test it if the server part is not ready yet.

Warning your users about a vulnerability

Somebody just told you about a vulnerability in your code. Moreover, they published a paper about it. Even worse, people have been very vocal about it.
What can you do now? The usual (and natural) reaction is to downplay the vulnerability, and try to keep it confidential. After all, publishing a vuln will make your users unsafe, and it is bad publicity for your project, right?

Going to the freelance side

From now on, I am an independent geek! After nearly 2 years at Login People, I am jumping out in the sea to work for myself.

Your data is precious

Following LinkedIn's large password leak, I have seen a dangerous thought spread to friends and colleagues:
"so what if my LinkedIn password has leaked? What can they do? Look for a job for me?"