Rails and oauth-plugin part 1: the provider

These days, I have been playing a lot with Oauth and its RoR implementation, oauth-plugin. Its documentation is a bit short, so here is a tutorial to show how to use it, both in provider and consumer mode. And we will even make them communicate with each other.

Yet another authentication scheme

Recently, I was asked to design a new authentication protocol for a web service. I know that I shouldn't do reinvent the wheel, so I immediatly proposed OAUTH. It turns out that it can't be used in this situation. Here are the constraints:

The Geal test: extending the Joel Test

The Joel test was written by Joel Spolsky to provide a few very simple questions for developers to ask in an interview. Here they are:

Smalltalk for engineers

For more than a year, I have been playing with Smalltalk, and more specifically the Pharo project, and I had a lot of fun! Now, I'd like to share this experience. I saw a lot of introductions to Smalltalk, but they were all about its amazing features from a CS point of vue. I'm a software engineer, so I'll give you a more pragmatic look, with a few useful tips.

Update to a safer VLC

VLC 1.1.4 is out, with a fix for the DLL preloading attack!

Read more about that issue in the release notes and the security advisory.